Monday, 10 June 2013

38 weeks pregnant

Another hard week for me as you can probably see from my face in the pic :( I have been in bed for 2 days and tonight I found some energy to clean up after dinner and go out to the shop. 

I have had awful pains everywhere but on the last days I had what I think were Braxton Hicks which kept me in bed. I called Triage who said is normal and if they get any worst to call them back. I have a midwife and hospital appointment on Wednesday again so that's a bit reassuring as I can feel the baby moving and switching position a lot. Normally he shouldn't be able to move as much at this stage in pregnancy but obviously that is not a problem for our baby. He loves kicking me in the ribs.And the vagina! 

Been eating a lot of watermelon again this week.I decided that I haven't got the space or the energy to precook meals for us and freeze them so instead i went shopping and stocked up on pasta, lots of dry noodles, jars of pasta sauces, curry,chillies and stuff like that and filled the freezer as well with chicken,quorn and other things that are easy to throw in the oven so we should be ok with them.

I have also seem to have got a slight cold  as I have a runny nose, dry throat and generally 'feeling like poo' .

The weather was super hot this past week so I really struggled with that as no clothes that fit and heavy bump make me a grumpy mama.

We're hoping that it won't be long now, I know that realistically it could be another 4 weeks which I'm praying it won't be the case. I can't be that unlucky to have a long and painful pregnancy.

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