Monday, 28 April 2014

Mason's 10 month update

How is the time going so bloody fast? How is my little baby almost 1 year old?? I look back and miss every second of having a little baby and with everyone around me being pregnant again I just feel so broody!
I always think how lucky I am to have a brother,someone who I shared my childhood with,someone that I could argue and play with when no one else wanted to,someone to share my memories of childhood and someone who knows me very well. I can't wait for Mason to have that 'someone in his life'.

This little cheeky boy is now a proper little lad and he's almost crawling. He's over his reflux now thank God.

He was weighted 3 weeks ago and he was 21 3/4lb which is spot on for his little body. He's in size 4/4+ nappies and taking 7oz bottles first thing in the morning and before bed and 5oz before his nap.
His sleep is up and down but most nights he'll go down at 7:30 then he gets up between 1-3(sometimes at 4/5 but rarely) and then goes back to sleep until 7. He has been getting up rather early which is quite hard but with this face is hard to be mad at him:

He's now fully weaned and he absolutely loves his food. His favourite delicacies are:

-fruit yoghurt
-fruit purée
-jacket potato and beans
-spaghetti bolognese
-fish and veg
-baby crisps

He usually has weetabix with chopped banana for breakfast, maybe a potato with cheese and beans for lunch and 2x yoghurts for dessert and pasta for dinner with fruit for dessert.
I haven't been too adventurous with his meals as he now eats like people so is no need for me to mash his food so I make his meals on the day. I love when we go out for food as he's so easily pleased and there's always something on the menu that he will eat.
He loves sucking out of straws so we make a weak juice for him in a normal cup and then put a straw in it.

As I am now back to work 3 days a week,he spends a lot of time with other people which makes him very social and happy to be with other people.

He is such an amazing baby, always with a massive smile on his face and so loved by everyone!

He's got 4 top teeth and 3 bottom ones so according to the dentist we've got one more to go and then we're done for a while.

I'll finish this post with more pics of this little monster x

Monday, 20 January 2014

Finally back...

It was hard for me to start writing again after my last post.Then I remembered the real reason to why I started this blog,for me and my little baby to look back and remember our journey together.

Mason is now almost 7 months and is a happy little thing. Happy and cheeky! His christening is happening in 2 weeks and I can't wait.
These past months have been so hard for me and I can now put a name to it,post natal depression.Life has become ten times harder since Mason was born and 1000 harder since my mum passed away. I didn't predict that this little beautiful will not sleep through the night,would have the worst reflux known to man,start teething at 4 months and of course doing it all on my own makes it more difficult to deal with.

He is now on solids and he loves his puddings,fruit,biscuits and anything that is really bad for him and makes me look like an unfit mother (i.e tea/coffee!!!).
The useless doctors have finally realized that he does have reflux so he's on Gaviscon until he gets better.I started weaning him at 4 months hoping he'll keep food in as milk was coming straight out and he is doing really well.

Mason is in size 4 nappies and has a 7oz bottle in the morning and one before bed.He still wakes up for a feed around 3am but has that and then he comes in bed with me where he goes back to sleep straight away. Sometimes he stares at be for 10/20 minutes stroking my face until he goes back to sleep. Is so cute,I love it!
I look at him everyday and I just want to eat him,he's so clever and beautiful. I just wish everyday problems,stress and the devastating thoughts I have about my mum every second wouldn't linger so much in my mind.

We are moving house again in 3 days and I cannot wait. We are moving back to my beloved Sandbach where I have all my happy memories so I am hoping this will help me get some closure.