Thursday, 20 June 2013

Before and after body

I made the mistake of weighting myself when I was 36 weeks pregnant! And according to the silly scales I have gained over 3 stone. 3 STONE!!That was 4 weeks ago so I don't think I have lost anything in the meantime. I will weight myself again this weekend so I know the exact weight I gained during this pregnancy.

I know is all baby and all that crap so I will only be worried this time next year if this 'baby weight' still hangs on my hips and belly. I am not ashamed of my body, I do like to winge about it but there are worst things in life than pregnancy weight gain and I have big plans in order to get the sexiness back.

               MAMA AT 39+3 WEEKS


1. Go for looong walks with the pram while the weather is nice
2.Have breakfast every morning, bran flakes and banana seem to keep me full until lunchtime
3. Have a healthy lunch, preferably salad related or baked potato
4. Have fresh fruit every day as a snack
5.DO NOT buy any junk food
6.DO NOT buy any coke or any fizzy drinks
7.Fill a 2L bottle of water every morning and make sure is empty by night time
8.Make an effort to cook at night
9.Have a tiiiiny dessert if necessary or maybe an ice lolly while is hot
10.BREASTFEED ;) Good for the baby, good for me. Winner!
I'm not planning on exercising because I am sure this baby will keep me busy and I am not the type of person who gets bored as I always clean, cook, bake or probably look after a baby.
In the meantime I will keep enjoying the foods I like because after all.. baby needs food!

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